Tuesday, September 16, 2014

We're Back from Vacation!

Hey there! 

Just a quick note to say that we are back from vacation! The last week and a half we were roaming around the streets of New York City and Paris. It was the most amazing trip, which I have dreamt about for decades. It finally became a reality and we were so sad to say good bye to Paris, but excited to begin our new wedding season with amazing couples and their upcoming beautiful weddings! If you have filled out any inquiries on our site or sent us any emails, please forgive us, but we will reply to all as soon as possible! We look forward to an wonderful fall and winter for Peplum and can't wait to share some of vacation pics! Please see below for a little peek...


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Featured: Southern Weddings Magazine

We are so thrilled to have our #ginghamandbunnies shoot featured on Southern Weddings yesterday! What a sweet surprise and honor! This beautiful bridal shower styled shoot, which turned out to be a surprise baby shower for our sweet friend, Courtney, from Dishie Rentals, was one of the most beautiful shoots ever! We even had real bunnies!!! Click here to check it out and show some love! xo
Photography: Amalie Orrange / Coordination, Design, and Custom Decor: Ashton Events / Furniture, Props, and Design: Wish Vintage Rentals / Floral Design: Peplum Events / Venue: The Junior League’s Sorosis Building / Paper Products: Renee Nicole Design & Photography / Cake: The Sugar Suite / Vintage China, Glassware, and Flatware: Dishie Rentals / Hair and Makeup: Beauty By Chantel / Dresses: Camilyn Beth / Pinata and Chargers:Katie Franklin / Bunnies: Family Fluffers / Catering: Good Food Catering / Vintage Stamps: Verde Studio / Napkins: Kate Ryan Linens

Friday, May 9, 2014

Do - It - Yourself Floral Arrangement for Mom under $20

Thinking about making something for your mom for this Mother's Day? Well, look no further! Here is an easy (and cheap!) floral arrangement, she will surely love! All of these flowers are from my local supermarket (Publix) and it was $18.99 for all of them! The tulips were $6.99 and the fillers (other flowers) were 3/$12. The vase I chose was an old one I had around the house, but you can get one for $1.00 at the dollar store and you can spray paint it if you want to add a little special touch. All materials totaling out to $19.99 (without tax). I have created a step by step process on purchasing and designing the flowers, so they look like you ordered them from a florist! 
Okay, are you ready? Let's get started . . . 
-Flowers (main flowers + pop of color flower + fillers)
-Glass vase
-Flower Scissors or regular scissors
[From Left to Right: Green stem from a tree in my backyard, flower scissors + gold painted glass vase, light blue ribbon + pink tulips, maroon/purple mums + yellow fuji flower, white carnations with pink outline + pink tulips + solidago + florida ruscus]

Step 1: Choose your flowers
When choosing your flowers, make sure you have a clear budget in mind, so you don't go over it. Your first choice should be your "main flower." This should be the flower that your mom loves or the main color you are trying to go for in the arrangement and will stand out the most in the design. I chose pink tulips as my "main flower" because they were only $6.99 for (10) stems and that's what I wanted to have the most of in the arrangement. I love their color and shape, which is perfect for the look I was going for. (Main flowers can also be roses or lilies, you may choose your favorite one!)

The second choice is your "fillers." These are your greens and other filler flowers, such as the mums and carnations above. These were a part of the 3/$12 package deal at Publix, so I was able to get 3 different packages of different kinds of flowers. While choosing the 3 varieties of the 3/$12 deal I made sure one of my choices included a "pop of color flower" to compliment my "main flower." I chose the yellow fuji flower, which came in a package with the solidego and some other mums. So, one package had the caranations, the other only had mums and the last one included the fuji, solidago and more mums. 

Some of my greens (pictured all the way to the left of the picture above) are from a tree in my backyard, which means they were free! I cut (8) stems from the tree in my backyard to use as green fillers. 

Finally, find a vase you want to use for your arrangement. The vase I chose was one that I already had at home, but you can find some for $1 at the dollar store or even at the grocery store. Just make sure your vase opening is not too large or too small. About 2-3 inches should be good enough for this amount of flowers. 
Step 2: Prepping the flowers
After you've purchased your flowers and vase, you must go home and take all of your flowers out of it's packaging, cut about 1/2 of the bottom and put them in water before you begin your design. (Inside a different vase than the one you are already using).

Step 3: Design your base
Once you have prepped your flowers, you're able to start designing! First, fill your vase about halfway with water and star placing your "greens" in the vase. For a whimsy look like arrangement in the picture below, the top left stem should be the highest point of the arrangement, everything else should be several inches shorter. The greens should be on both ends of the arrangement with the highest point on one side and the lowest point on the other side (an asymmetrical shape). Start with (2) green stems (one on each side). Then, start filling the bottom of the arrangement (closer to the rim of the vase) with the colorful fillers (carnations and mums). After putting about 5-6 stems of colorful fillers, fill in the empty spaces with the green fillers. This will make it look fuller. If you still have a few empty spaces, add more colorful fillers. 

Your base should look as full as the picture below with green and colorful fillers. 
Step 4: Add the "Pop of Color Flower"
Once your base is ready, you are able to add your "pop of color flower." I chose the yellow fuji flower as my pop of color flower because it complimented the pink and purple shades of the other flowers. Since I only had (1) solidago and (1) yellow fuji flower, I decided to put them diagonal from each other, so they would balance the arrangement. You don't want to put this pop of color right in the middle because the arrangement is not symmetrical and the brightness of the yellow flower really pops at the bottom of the arrangement. 
Step 5: Add your "Main Flower" 
Now, it's time to add the pink tulips, which were my "main flower" choice. Since I had (10) stems, I was able to add a lot of pink, like I wanted. You want to cut the stems of these flowers in different sizes, so they have different heights and are at all levels of the arrangement. You want some to stand out and others to fill in around the bottom and the center of the arrangement. There is no true science to how you should place these, so just let your creativity run wild and move them around as you please until you love it! 
Step 6: Final touches + Instagram it! 
If you have some extra flowers, you can add a few more to add more fullness if you'd like or if you have another vase, you can even make a smaller arrangement for your grandma, your aunt or even to keep for yourself! Once you feel your arrangement is finished, you can tie a nice little bow around the vase and make your mom a pretty card. But before you give it to her, just remember to share a pic on Instagram and tag me on it, so I can see your beautiful masterpiece! 
[@mustardandplum / #PeplumFlowersForMom]
I can't wait to see what beautiful creations you decide to make for your mama! She really deserves the best and I am sure she'll adore your beautiful creation! 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lalita is Married!

Just wanted to pop in and share the wonderful news if you haven't already seen it on Instagram that Lalita is married!!!! Laudys (Lalita) & John tied the know this past Saturday at one of the most beautiful venues Orlando has to offer! Here is a peek from my phone... xoxo

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Peplum on Good Morning America!

Oh-M-G! ! !  Peplum Events & Design was on Good Morning America Live this morning! ! !  I really can't put into words how excited we are! Thanks to the sweetest gal, Stacy, from How He Asked for featuring Laudys & John's Surprise Proposal! Check it out for yourself and show some love...xoxo

ABC Entertainment News|ABC Business News

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Suprise Proposal Video

Check out the awesome video from Laudys + John's surprise proposal that I designed along with the groom-to-be and the bride-to-be without her knowing a thing!!!! Check out the sweet feature on How He Asked, here. Enjoy!

Shot by: Andrew Ramos & Nate Alvarez
Edited by: Andrew Ramos
Planning, Design, Floral, Props: PEPLUM events&design
Paper Goods: LALITA Paperie + Designs

Friday, November 15, 2013

Lalita is Engaged!

Our very own, Lalita, is ENGAGED! It was a complete surprise to her as we were shooting a "Peplum Promo Video," which she was deeply involved in. Lalita is our "Paperie Queen," as I like to call her. She creates all kinds of paper goods for PEPLUM as well as her own for Lalita Paperie & Designs. She is a very important part of PEPLUM! Lalita is our graphic designer, project manager and designer, and even a florist at times! When her boyfriend [now-fiancĂ©] reached out to me and said "it's about that time!," I screamed with happiness! He wanted it to be captured, so we reached out to our talented friends at Mosa Media and the rest is history! 

Here are some photos I was able to capture on my phone, but I can't wait to show you the video very soon!!!